From My Column "Tracks In The Sand" in Simply Haiku, 2005 to 2008


A Six-Hundred-Year-Old Tree, 2005, 3:2
Plagiarism—The Haiku Community Delivers Swift Justice!, 2005, 3:3  *  
Why Haiku?, 2005, 3:4
Why Do We Write?   2006, 4:1  *  Who Really Wrote the First Western Haiku? 2006, 4:2  *  Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up, 2006, 4:3Our Haiku/Tanks/Renga Niche, 2006, 4:4  *  Sand Fleas (peeves about the haiku world) 2007, 5:1
Experiskinno Japanese Short Form Poetry,  2007, 5:2  *  
Haiku or Tanka? 2007, 5:3
Death Haiku, 2007, 5:4  *  
A Rising Tide, 2008, 6:1


 This essay first appeared in  the  Haiku Canada Newsletter in 1997 and then was republished (with changes) in Global Haiku, an anthology edited by me and Randy Brooks with a Foreword by Makoto Ueda (Mosaic Press/Iron Press, 2000). It is currently available online at Under the Basho.
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