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Selected Periodicals: Acorn, American Tanka, Antigonish Review, Arc,Blithe Spirit, Bones, Books in Canada, Brick, Canadian Author and Bookman,Canadian Children's Literature, Canadian Forum, Canadian Journal of Psychology, Canadian Literature, Canadian Materials, Cicada, Contemporary Verse Two, Cross-Canada Writer's Quarterly, El Ojo Del Lago, Emergency Librarian, Event, Eyeopener, Frameless Sky, Frogpond, Grain, Greenfield Review, Gusts, Haiku Novine, Haiku Journal, Haiku Quarterly, Heron's Nest, HI, Innovation Journal, Japan Quarterly, Journal of Humanistic Psychology, Journal of Poetry Therapy, Ko, Lilliput Review,  Lost and Found Times, Lynx, Manitoba Education, Modern Haiku, New Quarterly, NOON, Ontario Psychologist, Open Letter, Origins, Poetry Canada Review, Poetry Nippon, Poetry Toronto, Quarry, Quill & Quire, Rampike, Rattle, Ribbons, Ryerson Review, Scrivener, South by Southeast, Still, Tamarack Review, The Times Literary Supplement, Tragaluz, University of Toronto Review, Varsity, Vuursteen, Waves, What, White Wall Review, Wilson Quarterly

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