Writerly Positions

                                                                   Some Writerly Positions

Judge, Ultra Short Poem Competition, Ontario Poetry Society, Winter 2016;  Judge, Haiku Invitational--Vancouver, B.C. Cherry Blossom Festival, Summer 2016; Judge, Touchstone Poem Awards, Haiku Foundation,  2012-2014; Judge, 3rd and 4th Polish International Haiku Competition, 2013-2014; Judge, Ultra Short Poem Competition, Ontario Poetry Society, 2013; Editor, Frogpond,2008-2012; Honorary Curator, American Haiku Archives, 2008-2009; Judge, Henderson Haiku Awards, Haiku Society of America, 1989, 2007; Columnist, Simply Haiku, 2005-2008; Judge, San Francisco International Haiku, Senryu and Tanka Contest, 2004; Judge, Betty Drevniok Awards, Haiku Canada, 2002; Judge, Poetry Contest, Federation of Ontario Naturalists, 2002; Editorial Staff, Red Moon Press, 2000-2008; Judge, International People's Haiku Contest, 1998; Board Member, Access Copyright, 1996-1997; Judge, Museum of Haiku Literature Award, British Haiku Society, 1996; Executive, The Writers' Union of Canada,1992-1996; Judge Tanka Splendor, AHA Books, 1992, 1997; Guest Editor, Iron, Issue 76, 1995; Judge, Poetry Contest, Markham Public Libraries, 1991; Judge, Japan Air Lines World Contest, 1990; Guest Editor, Brussels Sprouts, 5:2, 1988; Judge, Japan Air Lines Haiku Contest for B.C. School Children, 1987; An Editor, Cross-Canada Writers' Quarterly, 1982-1990; Executive Member, Canadian Society of Children's Authors, Illustrators and Performers, 1981-1984; Poetry Editor, Poetry Toronto, 1980-1981; Co-Founder, Haiku Canada, 1977; Impresario,  World's Loudest Sound Poem, 1969 and 1970; Member, Poetry Advisory Committee, St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts, 1969-1970; Director, Poetry and Things, 1969-1970.