​​Trained in experimental psychology where quantification in king, I've maintained data for all my publishing. For those with similar interests, I've added the numbers here. The few who want to dig deeper can go to the Ryerson University Library Archives  or the University of Toronto's Thomas Fisher Library (for articles and books), the Thomas Fisher Library(for small press publications) or theAmerican Haiku ArchivesorLibrary & Archives Canada. All have something different to offer.

Published Poems: 2, 455 in about 7, 483 places, including poetry magazines, academic journals, newspapers, radio and TV shows, online sites, anthologies and my collections

Haiku/Tanka/Haibun Books: Collections, 27; as editor, 7; as critic, 1; as consulting editor, 8
Other Books of Poetry: Collections, 13; as editor, 5; as consulting editor, 1
Books of Fiction for Children, 7; Psychology Books, 2

Periodical Publications: Poetry in 922; articles on poetry in 101; articles on psychology in  17
Anthology Inclusions: Poetry in 222; Fiction in 2; Psychology in 1
Gallery Shows of Visual Poetry, 6;  Haiga Collaborations, 21
Short Stories, 10; Haibun, 28 (57 places)

Miscellaneous Publications: Bookmarks, One-Poem Sheets, Postcards, Tapes: 18

Reviews of My Work, 421;  My Reviews of Other Writers, 172
Awards, 101
Number of Languages in which Work Appears: 23

                                                          Publishing Data